Life Coaching


A simple way to start your journey is to write down how you like to see yourself in five years. Don't limit yourself to your carreer, include your relationships, your living circumstances, your activity level and your nutrition.

This is not the time to include the obstacles, the possible problems, that can be looked at later. Simply write down where you like to be, who you like to hang out with, where you would like to work and bring it to your first appointment.


There can be times when we simply know that we want to change things in our lives, but the only way we know how to live, is living our current life. We are stuck, afraid, are too busy to take on a new project, or simply don't know where to start.

Tanice has experienced this first hand and has been able to work herself through it. Now she is ready to help you. Step by step she will take you on a structured path, full of questions related to what you love in life and where you see yourself in a few years. Tanice will help you on your way to that future, helping you break down real or perceived barriers along the way.

Learn how to create a new life for yourself so you can celebrate life again.