Personal Training


If you don't feel like doing an active sport, but do like to keep an eye on the amount of exercise you are doing, start with getting a step counter.
Push yourself to walk the stairs, run to the mailbox, get some firewood, whatever you can think of in and around the house to get yourself moving.
Don't ask your partner to get something for you from the fridge, just get up an go! Get a feel for what your average amount of steps are per 24 hours, and try to increase the amount of steps by at least 100 per day.
You might find yourself jumping rope just to get your count up! Keep track of your accomplishments in a diary and be proud of yourself.

training Physical training is essential to longevity and good health. Training can be an enjoyable stress free experience.

Working out and staying fit is a lifetime commitment whether you have permanent physical limitations or are perfectly able bodied individual and just don't know where to begin. Depending on your fitness level, it might mean doing some exercises in your chair or training for a triathlon.

Tanice Marcella is a very experienced and motivational trainer. She has worked as a trainer at the Thunder Bay Athletic Club since 2007.
If you are one of those people who don't see themselves as the next champion runner or biker, but do wish to get your energy level back up to where it once was you are guaranteed to enjoy this journey. With a fine tuned assessment process, organization and the removal of energy drainers Tanice will create a reality to enable you to make fitness a priority.

With 14 years of personal training experience Tanice has a plethora of knowledge, training and certifications to create your fitness strategy, show you better ways to move functionally, gain strength and achieve your optimal health.